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We can help you meeting your required outcomes or we can help you determine reasonable outcomes for any cloud project.  What should concern you is the number of consultants, cloud services companies and telecom companies that have told us this is backwards and not the place to start.


Leveraging our expertise as your advocate offers you a distinct advantage. Not only will you stay one step ahead of the competition, you will ensure that you are getting the right quality service at the best price. There is also a fundamental advantage to working with an advocate broker like Outcome Management Group on an on-going basis. Beyond understanding your company’s current needs, working with us makes strategic planning and taking action planning easier; and moving in your chosen direction can begin much sooner.


And let your IT solution provider take care of the rest. You will be much more effective at what you already do. Adding another expert to your team will increase your peace of mind and give you that second unbiased opinion you need to feel comfortable moving forward with cloud and telecom related projects.


Usually we can save money over working directly with the telecom or cloud provider directly.  We work on cloud and telecom projects every day and are part of a consortium which gives us significant buying power.  Sometimes our prices are the same. Competition is what impacts the price you pay and all cloud providers and telecommunications companies assume that every project we work on is competitive.


Cloud services are designed to help you scale up quickly.  Additional compute, storage, new applications can be brought on board some times in a matter of minutes.  You buy specifically what you need today, not what you think you will need for the next 1 to 3 years.  In today’s economy being able to scale up is important.  However, sometimes there are downsizings, mergers, or growth is not what was anticipated. With cloud service scaling down is possible as well. Services don’t have to be renewed.  Unlike purchasing on premises computers, data storage, routers, PBX systems and the like cloud services are just not renewed when the term expires unless they are needed.


Carrier sales reps frequently change companies while IT Solution Providers are vested in their own businesses. No more turnover-related hassles.


Outcome Management Group develops strong relationships with Cloud Suppliers and telco carriers, which comes in handy when negotiating contracts or resolving service issues.


You get the best supplier option for your company’s needs. We filter vetted IT solution providers finding the optimum telecom and Cloud providers based upon your specific objectives, needed outcomes and their strengths. If research is needed to compare two or more different options we can do that as well. If we don’t have a solution that is a fit for your specific needs we will do our best to refer you to someone who does.


Not only does the Outcome Management Group broker model benefit you, it benefits the service providers too. We offer them market intelligence and recommendations. We ensure the cloud and telecom providers are gaining customers whose objectives match what their solutions. The cloud or telecom provider only pays Outcome Management Group a commission once you sign their agreement and pay for their received services. Under this model Outcome Management Group’s interests are aligned with your company’s interests. Our goal is the same as yours. A good fit that delivers you the outcomes you are looking for. Outcome Management Group, your company and the cloud or telecom provider all get what they need. Our process is truly win-win-win.


By outsourcing your cloud and telecom integration tasks, you regain all those hours you would have spent strategizing, vetting the various providers, and negotiating contracts. Under normal circumstances, you would have to continually talk to sales representatives from each provider who only represent one option and will only tout the products and services of their current employer.


Going supplier direct often means dealing with a one-track minded sales rep. If you are looking evaluating to cloud solutions and two telco circuits, now you are dealing with 4 quota-based sales reps. IT Solution providers like Outcome Management Group have no quotas to fill so our recommendations are unbiased. Our selfish vested business interest mirror yours. Our goal is to provide a service that keeps you satisfied and willing to explore new solutions with us, not just to get you to buy a specific cloud or telecom service from a specific vendor. Our goals align better with your goals than any direct supplier, value added reseller (VAR) or managed service provider (MSP) relationship.


More and more organizations are going with a broker model for cloud and telecom services. Most companies will over time use the services of multiple telecom and cloud service providers. Companies use outside accounting firms, outside law firms and Insurance Brokers to help manage corporate employee benefits.The use of independent, vendor agnostic cloud and telecom brokers is increasing significantly. We help you find and compare high quality providers at the lowest cost. We offer continuing support and guidance to improve your bottom line, stay on top of the marketplace, and deliver the up-time, performance and flexibility you need.

Real results and experience shows that the Outcome Management Group broker model is proving to be the most efficient method of acquiring complex IT services.

What is a Cloud Services Broker?

A cloud broker is a third-party individual or business that acts as an intermediary between the purchaser of a cloud computing service and the sellers of that service. In general, a broker is someone who acts as an intermediary between two or more parties during negotiations.

The broker’s role may simply be to save the purchaser time by researching services from different vendors and providing the customer with information about how to use cloud computing to support business goals. In such a scenario, the broker works with the customer to understand work processes, provisioning needs, budgeting and data management requirements. After the research has been completed, the broker presents the customer with a short list of recommended cloud providers and the customer contacts the vendor(s) of choice to arrange service.

A cloud broker may also be granted the rights to negotiate contracts with cloud providers on behalf of the customer. In such a scenario, the broker is given the power to distribute services across multiple vendors in an effort to be as cost-effective as possible, in spite of any complexity that negotiations with multiple vendors might involve. The broker may provide the customer with an application program interface (API) and user interface (UI) that hides any complexity and allows the customer to work with their cloud services as if they were being purchased from a single vendor. This type of broker is sometimes referred to as a cloud aggregator.

In addition to acting as an intermediary for contract negotiations, a cloud broker might also provide the customer with additional services, facilitating the deduplication, encryption and transfer of the customer’s data to the cloud and assisting with data lifecycle management (DLM). This type of broker is sometimes referred to as a cloud enabler. Another type of broker, sometimes referred to as a cloud customizer or white label cloud service, selects cloud services on behalf of a customer, integrates the services to work together and sells the new offering under their own brand.

What is a Telecom Agent?

A Telecom Agent is a company that has agreements with multiple telecom carriers to sell and support their services. As a telecom agent, we work with over 80 telecom carriers to ensure you get a connection product that’s a perfect fit for your business.

We work with carriers and service providers both in the Americas and Rest of the World that provide the following connections:

Voice Services
Private Fiber
2.5 Meg DWDN Waves
10 Meg DWDM Waves
Wireless connections
Under sea long haul global fiber to 5 continents
Fast Ethernet
1 GigaBit Ethernet
10 Gigabit Ethernet
DIA (Direct Internet Access)
Fibre Channel (FC)
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
Free Space Optics (FSO)
Analog T1’s
SIP trunks

Internet Services
Fixed Wireless
WiMAX / LTE Satellite
DS1 / T1/ Bonded T1
DS3 / T3 Ethernet
Optical Carrier (OCx)/Fiber
Integrated Voice / Data
Integrated Analog
Integrated SIP
Data Networks
Frame Relay
TDM Private Line
Ethernet Private Line

Windstream Communications

Century Link

Evolve IP

Rapid Scale

Green Cloud Technologies

Server Central


United Layer


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