About Us

What we do

Outcome Management Group is a Cloud Services Broker and a Telecom Agent.  A description of these two functions are below.  We have many different Cloud Providers and many different Telecommunications Circuit Providers we work with on your behalf.

We meet with you to learn your desired outcomes as well as what we need to know about your business to provide you with a quote for the cloud and telecommunications services that will be needed to enable you to achieve your goals.

We do not come between you and the provider.  If you decide to accept our quote or proposal you actually sign an agreement we provide you with directly with the Cloud Provider and/or Telecommunications Company.  Usually when ever possible we have them deliver any services needed.  After you are operational and have approved their services they pay us a commission.  During this time and throughout the life of the agreement which is typically one to three years both Outcome Management Group and you evaluate their performance and satisfaction with the services provided.  Well prior to the agreement renewal date we sit down with you and determine if you want to renew the agreement, alter the agreement, change to another provider or cancel the agreement. Our provider agreements call for us to have price parity with the Cloud and Telecommunications Providers prices so the prices are the same to you whether you are working with Outcome Management Group or directly with the provider.  The availability of other provider choices and that we are part of a large provider aggregation group means that the prices we quote are typically the same or lower that they prices you would pay if you worked directly with the vendor provider.